Solar Monitoring


Boxbrite Workbench Solar Monitoring

A recent study of large-scale solar plants found an average energy loss of 5.27%, or $160,000 per plant because:

  • 55% of plants had inverters that performed badly;

  • 65% had disconnected strings;

  • 35% had faulty irradiance sensors;

  • 80% of all issues can be traced to problems with module performance.

Boxbrite's Workbench software plugs into your inverters' API or monitoring hardware to provide:

  1. Daily fault monitoring
  2. Weekly performance monitoring and analysis
  3. Monthly system performance reports

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Residential Solar Monitoring

Is anyone looking at your solar system's production? 

Our monthly reports will use your system's data to show you how much you are producing, how that compares to previous months and years, and the health of your system. In many cases we can isolate performance problems to individual components and recommend a solution. We will keep your system performing at its best and squeeze the most out of it.

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