Distributed Resources delivers expertise in renewable energy.

  • Consulting services in net metering and solar business proposition analysis, grant applications, and other energy and sustainability related activities
  • Solar system installations for homes and businesses
  • Solar system monitoring and reporting

Andrew Clare is the founder and Director of Distributed Resources. Andrew has been an active and entrepreneurial member of Ontario’s clean energy industry for 11 years and consultant for 6 years, working within current procurement programs while at the same time investigating future solutions. He has worked in business development, application and contract management, domestic content and other roles in a variety of both FIT and microFIT projects. He has worked in the development of CanSIA’s Distributed Generation Task Force, researching jurisdictional best practices and helping create policy suggestions to be presented to government.

Andrew has spent years working in innovation ecosystems and different stages of entrepreneurship and start-ups. In the past two years, he has been engaged to work on over $17.5 million of successful funding applications, including Federal funding for Enwave and Zooshare as well as other biogas and Indigenous projects. His work with Zooshare and earlier with Windy Hills Caledon has given him an understanding of community bonds and social finance. He has participated in the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) Distributed Generation Task Force, with core responsibility in the completion of research on regulatory and policy best practices. He continues to serve on the Conference Planning Committee and as a Conference Reporter for the widely attended annual conference of the Association of Power Producers of Ontario (APPrO), and in this maintaining continuous learning within sustainability and renewable energy.

LinkedIn: Andrew Clare